A Ghost's Vengeance


When Brittany, Marcel, and Jenna's dead classmate, Nena, returns as a ghost, they must find a way to survive.

A Ghost's Vengeance

Originally Published on 12/05/2018 | Posted on 06/02/2020 | Horror | 717 Words

This is such a tedious week. I keep sinking into a nightmare—the nightmare that races up my heartbeat and interrupts my sleep, startling me and leaving me wet with the copious sweat. The nightmare has freaked me out insanely. Whenever I hear a doorbell, I hide under a blanket or in a corner in my bedroom, trembling in terror; my cousin-sister tries her best to swiftly open the door, to help me out, as soon as the peal makes its way to her ears.


Just five o’clock of freezing winter, and the doorbell tolls. While sleeping in my bed, I remain under the blanket as I begin to quiver. I want my cousin to open the door as quickly as possible. Yet, I realize just the next second she’s not home. I gather my strength and drag myself out of bed. Exiting the bedroom and suppressing my fear, I continue walking toward the front door.


When I open the door, I find a mysterious box covered with a pink gift wrap. I look around the house … no one is there. I pick up the box, reading my name on it, lock the door, and run to my bedroom.


I close my bedroom door and windows in a rush. Then I sit on my bed and uncover the box with my trembling fingers. As I open the box, I see a letter written with blood, the real blood: I’m here for the vengeance on my death. You, your cousin (Brittany), and her boyfriend (Marcel) will die. SOON!


The nightmare of my death and my beloved one’s swoop in, and as it flashes in front of my eyes—forcing me to imagine various alternatives of their death, I flinch in horror and scream louder than a siren.


Meanwhile, Brittany returns from a picnic with Marcel, who rushes to my room in a panic. Marcel also enters the room after her, carrying a burden of concern.


“Jenna! Are you fine?” asks Brittany, sitting beside me on the bed.


Being scared, I point out at the mysterious box.


Brittany picks up the box. Marcel rushes and stands beside her. And both read the letter.


Abruptly, Nena, who died last year, returns as a ghost. She wants to kill us because Brittany and Marcel had always bullied her after school, and I … also once had made fun of her ugly face. However, I had apologized to Nena for my crime just in the next few minutes, but it seems like she hasn’t forgiven me. I knew—at the time—she was hurt and upset because she ran away from me while sobbing, but I didn’t sense she would die. Yes … She committed suicide on the same day I had made fun of her.


Fearing Nena, Marcel attempts to escape, but Nena bashes him into the wall. He falls on the bed. When Marcel struggles to stand up, termites begin rushing out of his body. He keeps screaming for help as termites devour his body, but Brittany and I are petrified.


When our senses begin to function, we sob in sorrow on Marcel’s brutal death. We spew because of overloaded trepidation.


Nena laughs aloud, and I realize everything’s happening—just like the nightmare.


I already lost my best friend, but I do not want to miss Brittany. She is everything to me: friend, mother, mentor … source of love and joy.


Before I could act, Nena kills her too, severing her head.


I beg her for my life, but she’s holding a cargo of wrath, and so, she attempts to murder me as well. But my boyfriend, Gill, who arrived to take me to the restaurant for breakfast, enters the bedroom.


Gill swiftly takes out the lighter from his pants pocket—the lighter he usually carries to smoke. He lights it up and throws it on Nena.


Nena burns in the fire.


“Thank god, I reached on time,” says Gill, and hugs me tightly. “I’m glad to have you safe and secure.”


“I’m yours, and you’re mine. No one can separate us.” I tighten the hug. “I love you.”


“I love you, too.”


We kiss passionately, feeling light and stress-free as we find each other secured in a tight hug.

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