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Horror Stories Series [Box Set - Books 1 & 2]

Horror Stories Series - Box Set - Books 1 & 2.jpg

The Revenge (Horror Stories #1)
Haunted Ship:
The ghost of a girl returns to take vengeance on her murderers.

Swimming Pool: Villagers who died in a swimming pool take revenge on their murderer when he returns to the village after many years.

Girl's Phantom at School: A girl's ghost wanders through a school to take revenge for her murder.

The Fear Is Back (Horror Stories #2)
When people eat pizza in a town in the United States of America, they turn into werewolves. As a young girl tries to investigate the cause, she discovers she could protect everyone from a psycho who is in love with her, by accepting his proposal to marry him. Will she accept his proposal to protect thousands of people?

Black Magic: Somewhere in a small town of India, when a fifty-five-year-old lady, Priyanka, forces a young boy named Oscar to fall in love with her using black magic skills, she proceeds toward her own destruction.

Construction Area: When some friends reach a construction area to celebrate their friend's birthday, some vampires attack them. Now they must struggle to escape before it's too late.

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