The Haunting of Black River Forest

DECEMBER 14, 2021
The Haunting of Black River Forest.jpg

A forest of blood and corpses. The land of a cold-blooded psychopath.


In Black River Forest, it’s best not to wander too far off the beaten track. There’s no telling what you might find.


Mia and Oliver have long wanted to explore the forest, and one cold, rainy October day, a week before their fifth anniversary of the day they met, they finally make the trip.


But they’ve heard the rumors as well. The haunting. A psychopath hidden somewhere amidst the towering trees. Too many missing. Too few answers.


It’s only rumors, though. Stories. And stories can’t hurt you. Yet as Mia and Oliver venture deeper into the Black River Forest, they’ll soon discover that there’s more haunting this quiet woodland than hikers and bears.


The psychopath is very real. And he’s excited to meet them.


From Jaydeep Shah, author of Tribulation, the first book of the Cops Planet series, “The Haunting of Black River Forest” is a bloody, spine-chilling story best read with the lights on.

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Boondocks: An Asian Evil Apocalyptic Thriller

June 9, 2022
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Full Blurb - Coming Soon

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