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The Fear Is Back

Series: Horror Stories #2

Horror Stories - The Revenge - modified cover.jpg

The second book of the Horror Stories Series features thirty scary tales like the first book, The Revenge. This short story collection is more fearful than the previous short story collection. Some are disturbing. Some are terrifying. Horror Stories 2: The Fear Is Back appeals to adult readers with an interest in horror fiction anthologies.

Pizza: When people eat pizza in a town in the United States of America, they turn into werewolves. As a young girl tries to investigate the cause, she discovers she could protect everyone from a psycho who is in love with her, by accepting his proposal to marry him. Will she accept his proposal to protect thousands of people?

Black Magic: Somewhere in a small town of India, when a fifty-five-year-old lady, Priyanka, forces a young boy named Oscar to fall in love with her using black magic skills, she proceeds toward her own destruction.

Construction Area: When some friends reach a construction area to celebrate their friend’s birthday, some vampires attack them. Now they must struggle to escape before it’s too late.

Dive into the scary collection of thirty horror short tales, The Fear Is Back by Jaydeep Shah.


Horror Stories - The Revenge - modified cover.jpg
Horror Stories 2 - The Fear is Back (1).jpg
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Horror Stories 3 - Knock of Death.jpg
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