Series: Horror Stories #3






Knock of Death


Story 7
Stag Party

Kevin arranged a surprised stag party for his friend, Ferdinand, who was getting married soon. Kevin invited his other friends to double the fun of the party: Sam, Sunny, Peter, Carlos, and Alexander.

Everyone gathered at Kevin’s house in the night at eight.

“Where is Ferdinand?” asked Kevin.

“We don’t know. He left from his home before us,” replied Alexander.

“Let me call him,” spoke Kevin.

As he took out the phone, Ferdinand entered the house. “Wassup, people?” he spoke in a loud voice.

“Hey! You are here. Hurry up! Come inside,” spoke Kevin quickly.

“What is this decoration for?” asked Ferdinand when he saw Kevin’s decorated house.

“This is for you, Ferdinand. Kevin arranged this stag party for you,” replied Sam. 

“Wow! I was waiting for it. You guys are amazing; I can’t wait now. Let’s begin the fun,” added Ferdinand quickly.

Kevin served beer to everyone. Ferdinand continued to dance. Later, along with Kevin, other friends joined Ferdinand.

After a while, when everyone was enjoying the party, Sam heard someone’s crying voice which led him to the restroom. He slowly opened a door and entered the bathroom. “Is there anyone here?” he spoke.

Sam came out of the restroom when he saw no one there. Concurrently, someone whispered in his ears, “I need you, Sam.”

“Who is it?” spoke Sam in a little loud voice.

No one replied.

Sam was about to return to the party when suddenly a knife went across his head.

In the party… “Where is Sam?” asked Carlos.

“I don’t know. He should be here somewhere around,” replied Peter. 

Carlos went outside of the house to find Sam where he saw footsteps of someone. Carlos reached at Ferdinand’s home by following those footsteps.

Carlos looked around to find someone.

At the same time, someone appeared behind him and cut his head.

Peter and Sunny went behind Kevin’s house to have sex where someone cut their penis. Peter and Sunny also died of extreme pain.

Alexander saw someone at the door. He was about to went near the door, but he died of a heart attack.

“Alexander! What happened?” shouted Kevin.

All of a sudden, a creepy laugh sounded.

“Who is it?” yelled Kevin.

A creepy laugh continued.

“I said who is it,” screamed Kevin.

Ferdinand appeared in front of him. “Here I am,” he spoke.

Kevin got scared after seeing Ferdinand as a specter.

“So, you killed Alexander!” spoke Kevin. 

“Yes. I did not kill him only. I killed our other friends, too,” said Ferdinand.

“What?” spoke Kevin in a loud voice.

“Yes. And, it’s your turn now. Get ready to die,” warned Ferdinand indignantly.

“Why do you kill your friends?” asked Kevin tremulously.

“Because you are the reason of my death,” said Ferdinand. “I know that you fucked my fiancé. Sam, Sunny, and everyone else knew about it, but no one told me about that. When I asked my fiancé about you, she showed me her fake love and gave me poisonous milk. As soon as I drank that milk, I died. She killed me because she wanted to marry you. Thus, I returned as a specter to kill all of you. First, I killed my fiancé. Then, our friends. And now, it’s your turn,” clarified Ferdinand angrily.

“No, you can’t do this to your best friend. Please, let me go,” requested Kevin.

Ferdinand, in wrath, moved toward Kevin, created a bad of broken whiskey bottles, and pushed Kevin on that bed. All the broken glasses went across Kevin’s body, and he died.


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