Return of a Devil


Gracious Karina gives a ride to a stranger from the highway to his house. The stranger could be anyone: psycho, terrorist, vampire, or demon. If that's the case, how will Karina deal with him?

Return of a Devil

Originally Published on 08/22/2018 | Posted on 05/24/2020 | Horror | 1126 Words

Valiant and zestful, Karina was blessed with brainpower and cuteness. Culminating, she was a beauty with brain. Karina had a joyous life with her decent pizza delivery job–and–alluring and stalwart boyfriend, Gilbert — no complaints at all.


Early in the morning, when Karina was returning home by her black sedan car after completing her full-time job hours, she saw an athletic man standing at the edge of the highway on the right, his hand hitchhiking to indicate the driver he’s asking for a ride.


Gracious Karina slowly and cautiously pulled the car into an emergency lane and stopped near the stranger. She lowered the window, not wholly, but only an inch or so—that could help her to listen to the stranger plainly while keeping clear eye contact with him.


“Ah! Do you need help?” she asked, locking her eyes with his as he bent for a conversation with her.


“Thanks a lot for stopping the car,” said the man. “Could you please give me a ride to 86th street?” He pointed at his blue sports car parked in the emergency lane behind Karina’s. “My car’s tire blew up. I looked around but didn’t find a mech,” he added; Karina glanced at his car in the rear-view mirror. “I’ll greatly appreciate it if you help me reach my home,” the man pleaded, when Karina fixed her look on him.


“Alright.” Karina sighed as if she were baffled first to help him or not but now confident in her decision. “The coincidence is our destination is the same.” She smiled and unlocked the car door.


The man smiled in appreciation and sat in the backseat.


Karina resumed driving. Her brain unloaded with dubious thoughts like, what if the stranger raped me and killed me?


* * *


“If you don’t mind,” said the man, focusing on her side cheek, “may I ask your name?”


“I’m Karina.” Her vision fixed on the road to prevent a mishap.


“Nice name,” said the man, smiling, “I’m Johnny Stroke.”


“Thank you.” A broad smile depicted on Karina’s face. She glanced at Johnny in the rear-view mirror, looking at her side cheek.


* * *


When Karina stopped her car in her driveway, Johnny said enthusiastically, “Wow! We are neighbors.” He looked outside the window at his closed house at the street’s corner, next to Karina’s.


“I don’t remember I ever saw you before!” she said, turning around, staying on her driver’s seat. The car’s engine still warming up and headlights on.


“I went to London for two years to complete my study. I returned just a few hours ago when I met you on the highway,” said Johnny. “But my rental car …” he sighed in disbelief, looking down at his shoes, his face now portraying clear pique on the car’s treachery.


“You must be happy you’re home now,” said Karina, to make him feel thrilled.


Johnny smiled, and anew fixed his gaze on Karina. He nodded in agreement and said, “Yes! Yes! I’m excited to be here.” He paused for a second. “Anyway. It’s nice to meet you. And thanks for the ride.” Instinctually, he slightly opened the door, but then waited for Karina to reply.


“All my pleasure,” said Karina. “If you need any help, feel free to call me.”


“It’s so nice of you. Thank you,” said Johnny, and exited the car.


* * *


While making her bed and waiting for Gilbert to arrive from his nightshift job, Karina heard a mystifying, scary sound from Johnny’s house. Not even spending a minute to think about any precariousness, she marched out of her home, and then turning right, she continued to Johnny’s house to find him safe.


Standing silently, she first eavesdropped, but she didn’t hear anything. She knocked on the door … no reply.


She looked around and saw a broken window on the right. She entered the house.


“Johnny!” shouted Karina multiple times, and this time, she heard the same mystifying, scary sound. “Johnny!” she said smoothly to avoid any peril; still, only the sound continued.


As she approached the basement, she began hearing Johnny’s voice enchanting dark spells.


Standing at the basement’s door, she saw Gilbert lying on the floor. Gilbert, who had reached home a few minutes earlier—of course, after Karina—heard the same sound while opening the door, and proceeded to Johnny’s house to find out the cause. However, it was a baneful trap created by Johnny, who was now carrying the devil’s face and trying to do something with Gilbert—enchanting some dark magic spells.


“Welcome, my sweetheart,” said Johnny, his voice croaky. As Karina gaped at his demon face with two horns, he resumed, “Soon, I’ll start turning humans into monstrous evils. Then I’ll be the only one devil king, and you … the devil queen.” He walked to her, scanning her from top to bottom, and stroked her hair.


Karina started and stepped back in fear.


“No. I won’t let that happen. I’ll kill you.”


She looked around and found a dagger lying beside Gilbert. She sprinted to Gilbert and picked up the dagger. She turned around and marched back to the devil. All the while, he remained standing, smiling, and watching Karina sprinting one place to another.


When Karina tried to kill him, Johnny pushed her hard. She fell to the ground.


Standing up swiftly and energetically, she swung the dagger once more at Johnny, who swiftly dragged his hand over his face in defense. Karina couldn’t sever his neck, but a small cut on his hand enraged him. Before she could harm him more, Johnny enchanted a dark spell, and about fifty swords appeared out of thin air over Gilbert. Karina’s brain stopped working, and her eyes widened in fright. In wrath, Johnny let all the blades fell on Gilbert. With that, blood gushed out of his body, and some blobs of blood spritzed around—even on Karina’s face.


Karina sobbed a lot for losing Gilbert, whom she loved more than her life.


Before Karina could think of taking vengeance and harm him, Johnny turned her into a she-devil.


But. Even as a she-devil, Karina’s heart was like a human, and importantly, she still remembered Gilbert’s death. She enlarged her nail, smiling at Johnny to make him believe she has accepted the devil’s life, but she rived his head just the next moment.


“You sundered me,” said the devil’s head, lying on the floor, staring at Karina, “but I’ll return to take my revenge. This is my world, and I’m the devil-god of this world.”


“I’ll burn you in the fire …” She produced fire from her eyes and burned Johnny’s entire body, not just the head.

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