Specter Files (A Novella)

The dark evil night has risen for the first time in the past 10,000 years. Dark clouds hover over the city. Violent lightning strikes the earth. With that, the traces of light disappear from the planet. Many buildings collapse with the rise of the dark evil night.

The dark evil night has already possessed some part of nature; consequently, plants and trees begin to attack people violently.

The blood of innocent people flows in the streets like a river. People’s extremely terrifying screaming reverberates continuously.

The sky resounds with the scary sound of lightning bolts and bats’ screeches.

The dark evil night, with its rise, has created a panic situation for everyone.

The crucial point that provides powers to the evil forces is Arizona jungles. As the night becomes darker than before, a bright light emerges from the ground in the middle of the Arizona jungles which goes beyond the sky, gathering energy from the earth. As the lightning bolt strikes the bright light, it opens the outer worlds’ doors for evils to enter the earth.

With this, a Green 7-foot, three-headed monster enters the earth from one of the worlds of demons. Running furiously, the monster comes to the city where he begins to destroy everything.

People begin to run on the street from one side to another, protecting themselves from the monster. Hearing the monster’s scary growling, many people lock themselves in buildings.

While destroying buildings and killing people, the monster reaches near the building of super-commandos who have already prepared themselves with weapons to protect the earth.

Super-commando Warlin (Chief of super-commandos) sets himself in a crouched position behind a car on the street with two handguns.

Super-commando Roxy at the top of the building with her hunting bow.

In the middle of the building, super-commando Ryan, continually keeping an eye on a monster through the window with his AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun.

Super-commando Charles with his fire gun, and super-commando Slash with his swords—are in tight standing position twenty feet far from the monster.

Super-commando Stefy stands behind Slash and Charles, swinging the mace.

While super-commandos eagerly wait for the monster to reach near them, the wicked forces of other peculiar worlds begin to prepare themselves to enter the earth.

The dark evil night helps evils to increase their strength by giving them extraordinarily terrifying and destructive powers by soaking the energy of the earth’s nature.

There is one mission for both super-commandos and evils. Super-commandos’ mission is to protect the earth. The demons’ mission is to take control over the earth either by killing humans or destroying half of the planet.

On the other side of the earth, wherein strange worlds, demons increase their evil powers, super-commandos reduce their energy to stop the horrific monster that has begun to destroy the city.

As the monster reaches in the range of ten feet, super-commando Roxy discharges the poison from her mouth that enters the monster’s body through the air. Instantly, she attacks with sharp-edged arrows that injure the monster.

The monster moves toward super-commandos while attacking fiercely with its long thick tail and growling aloud in pain.


As the monster comes closer to them, Warlin begins firing on the monster; Slash jumps over the monster and cuts the monster’s ears.


Growling in pain, the monster swings its tail violently that throws Warlin far in the jungle. The monster runs toward the forest to protect himself from super-commandos.


Super-commandos reach in the middle of the jungle while following the monster. Super-commandos gaze at the monster who swallows Warlin.

Angrily, Stefy generates electricity balls on the monster. Followed by Stefy, Charles freezes the monster. Then, Slash fires fireballs from his eyes that destroys the monster.

On the monster’s death, the sky resounds with the horrifying commotion of bats’ screeches, wolves’ howling, and demons’ sobbing.

When Stefy tries to break the bright light touching the sky—by generating electricity balls, the light injures her severely. Luckily, her Healing Power heals her wounds in a few seconds.

Immediately, she stops Slash from using his powers to destroy the light. There is no doubt that Slash’s wounds would have been healed, but she doesn’t want him to take any risk.

The chief of super-commandos, Warlin, did this fantastic work. He was giving every super-commando a special chemical every day during their 90 days training session that did not only increase the energy of their supernatural powers, but it added one more power called the Healing Power in their body.

When super-commandos begin to return to their bureau, they notice an aluminum box near a tree on the right.

Ryan orders Stefy to bring that box.

“Slowly, Ryan. There may be a dangerous thing in the box,” alerts Roxy.

“I don’t think so,” adding it quickly, Ryan opens the box.

“Specter Files!” reads Roxy on the box being astonished.

“We must read the files. We may get an answer from it to stop the evils from destroying the earth,” suggests Charles.

After spending an hour to review the files, super-commandos find the information to destroy the blood-curdling evils and their strange horror worlds.

After reading all the files, super-commandos understand how tough the mission is going to become. Their confidence is strong enough to give them a victory.

However, Super-commandos are unaware of the terrorizing terror of terrifying, hair-raising, peculiar worlds, and their bloodcurdling demons. Super-commandos don’t know the horrifying scarecrows of the first horror world, Scarecrows’ Island, will shatter their confidence.

The first world seems to be easy to solve from its name, but it’s the most horrific world to destroy. There is a high risk for the super-commandos to be dead on their first case.

For them, the portal to the Scarecrows’ Island is already open at the same tree where they found Specter Files’ box.

Without fear of losing their life, super-commandos accept the mission to solve 15 horror cases to protect the earth.

Now, it is hard to say who will win…

…Demons or Super-commandos!!!

However, it is mandatory for the super-commandos to win because they are born to save the earth.

After carefully checking their gadgets’ backpack, super-commandos jump in the open portal to the Scarecrows’ Island.

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