Series: Horror Stories #4





Terror at Your Door


Story 8
The Witch

Arin was working in his office up to late night to complete the presentation of his new project given by the boss. Suddenly, a GIF photo of a scary lady popped up on his desktop which terrified him.

Arin immediately stood up from his chair and looked at the computer again after rubbing his eyes. The photo had already disappeared.

“I think I should refresh myself,” he spoke to assure himself that it was just an illusion; there is nothing to worry about.

Arin went to the restroom where he saw a lady washing her face.

“Who are you?” he asked. At the same time, daggers fell from the top around him that created a cage to trap Arin.

Arin kept trying to break the cage of daggers, but the cage was in the control of the witch—because of which, Arin couldn’t break the cage even after trying hard continuously with the rapid force.

The witch laughed after seeing Arin agonizing for his life.

“Who are you? I beg you for my life,” spoke Arin.

“I have to kill one man every Monday night to drink his blood to survive forever,” replied the witch. “And, from the smell of your blood, I can say it for sure that your blood is so sweet that it will definitely give me extreme pleasure,” she added quickly, laughing in a peculiar voice.

As soon as she took him out of the cage to kill him, Arin ran from there and hid in his cabin under the table.

“Where are you, my love? Come to me, please. I need your blood, baby.” The witch was kept repeating in a scary voice while finding Arin.

Arin remained hidden under the table in his cabin.

Suddenly, the wires connected to computers drew him violently out of his cabin and hung him on the ceiling.

Arin screamed which gave a lot of joy to the witch.

“You thought you could save yourself from me,” hastily asserted the witch. “Ha! Ha!”

“Please, spare me. What will you get by killing me?” spoke Arin tremulously.

“Joy of drinking your blood.” She continued to laugh in a spooky voice.

Arin kept trying to jump on the floor, but the wires tighten their grip around the neck that stopped Arin’s heartbeat.

All the computers in office flew, stayed in the midair, and severed Arin in hundred pieces.

The witch drank all the blood that ran out of Arin’s body.

At the same time, Arin’s girlfriend entered the office who got scared of this creepy, disturbing incident. Controlling herself, to take revenge on Arin’s death, she cut some computer wires by hiding from the witch.


She quickly spilled some water on the floor and threw the exposed wires in the water that caused a tremendous blast of computers which destroyed the witch with the office.


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