The Fear Is Back

Series: Horror Stories #2


Story 1
Yoga Class

In a dark, creepy night, behind yoga class, in the park, children were playing baseball. They, suddenly, heard a voice of shouting a girl in the yoga class. Om climbed a tree to find an issue; one knife went across his head. Other children went far from the yoga class. They hid in a small cave which was under a hospital; they kept their eyes on the yoga class. After a while, everyone smelled weird and fell asleep for a few hours.

In the next morning, everyone discovered themselves tied with a long thick chain in a small old dark room. Everyone shouted, but no one heard their voice. Because of not getting enough food and water—and also due to an absence of clean air, three children died. Unknown people buried children’s dead bodies in the park behind yoga class.

Kim broke her chain and released others, too. When they  jumped out of the window to escape the place, they fell in the basement. Someone laughed loudly in a scary voice. Some children hid under the table, some hid behind the curtain, and others hid in a wooden chest. They saw a shadow passing through them. Everyone covered their mouth tightly with hands. The shadow disappeared with a terrifying laugh.

“Where is her food?” asked James in extreme fear.

“I do not know. I…” continued Rocky.

“What? You said you don’t know about her food. If she didn’t get food on time, she would kill us,” interrupted James angrily.

“I apologize. Give me a few minutes. I will bring her food soon,” said Rocky calmly.

At the same time, James saw shadows of children at the window of the basement. He went to the basement with Rocky and other team members, dragged children from the basement to the room, and locked them back in the room.

After a few hours, in a dark, creepy night, James threw Kim in a cage. Other children looked at Kim. James and Rocky locked themselves in their control room. Rocky opened a cage as soon as he heard a terrifying growling of a creature.

Kim moved nowhere from her place. She just got angry when she heard the creature’s growling. Twenty feet long creature—with three long and sharp teeth, dark black eyes, and long pointed tail—entered the cage. Rocky quickly closed the door of the cage. The creature attempted many attacks, but Kim fought with the creature, broke the creature’s three teeth and inserted those teeth in the creature’s eyes. The creature’s dead body vanished automatically from the cage.

Kim exited the cage as soon as James opened the cage’s door.

“Who killed my friend? I want an answer. I will kill that person and everyone else,” a disembodied voice sounded.

Kim and everyone else saw one girl on the stairs. Kim hid behind an old TV. Children stayed quiet in the room. James, Rocky, and their other team members hid under their computer tables. The yoga class  shook from the ghost of a girl’s frightening voice, which destroyed glasses of the doors and windows. Suddenly, she smelled human sweat when she passed through Kim. She stopped right beside Kim.

Kim accidentally broke the TV. With that, Kim destroyed the ghost and freed everyone from the ghost’s terror. Everyone thanked Kim for her courage.

Finally, James and Rocky opened the yoga class again without any fear.


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