Series: Horror Stories #5





The Haunting Hours


Story 4
Halloween Party (Part I)

Enthusiastic about Halloween parties, this year, Ronnie threw a grand Halloween party at the Creek Point Mountain Park.

Everything was available in the party in a wide range of varieties for the party attendees, regardless their age: Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products that brought many youngsters to the party.

Ghosts, zombies, creatures, aliens. Every evil was present at the party, and they were having the fun of Halloween Theme party in their creepy dress while dancing with their friends and admirers—drinking alcohol, smoking cigars, and taking drugs in the park under glinting lights, and in the dark woods around the park.

When Ronnie was going into the woods with a hot and gorgeous girl in a witch’s costume, his best friend (Harry) reached there and informed him about new drugs. Apologizing the girl, Ronnie left her there alone. Upset from Ronnie, the girl followed him and drew him into the woods.

Harry stood bewildered, staring at the girl and Ronnie.

* * *

“Don’t dare to insult me, mister,” said the girl arrogantly, nearing her face to Ronnie’s, keeping her mouth slightly open.

As her lips waited near his lips, Ronnie kissed her passionately.

Meanwhile, Harry’s phone call disturbed Ronnie.

“Do whatever you want to do,” ordered Ronnie, picking up the phone and without letting Harry speak a word.

Ronnie turned-off the phone and threw it in the shrubs. Concurrently, the girl took her clothes off. Now, she was ready naked for Ronnie. 

When Ronnie pulled her toward him, they heard youngsters’ panic screaming that wafted from the park to all over the forest. Ronnie and the girl stared at each other in surprise for a while.

Ronnie frantically ran toward the park. Reaching the park’s entrance, Ronnie stood like a statue and gaped at zombies killing youngsters.

Harry frantically rushed toward the mountain’s peak, passing by Ronnie.

“RUN!” yelled Harry while running. “They would kill you.”

Zombies’ fear made him deaf; consequently, Ronnie couldn’t hear Harry.

When Harry saw the naked girl waiting for Ronnie, the fear of death by zombies vaporized from his face.

After killing some youngsters, zombies moved toward Ronnie. Finally, he ran into the woods.

“Run, fuckers! Or they would eat your balls,” Ronnie alerted Harry and the naked girl when he saw them having sex.

Ronnie passed by them at high speed to protect himself from the zombies. Seeing the zombies hurtling toward them, Harry and the girl, tightly holding their clothes in their hands, ran behind Ronnie.

Following a short trail, trio reached the mountain’s peak where they hid in the lighthouse as soon as they saw its opened door.

Harry and the girl immediately wore the clothes while Ronnie was closing the door.

“How?” continued Ronnie while running to the second floor.

“Please, don’t get angry on me,” said Harry. “It’s my fault. I distributed new drugs I bought from the new dealer from Chicago. He informed me that the drugs are not yet tested, which may create a terrific issue for anyone who takes these drugs.”

“Still you supplied them to party attendees?” 

“I was confused,” replied Harry. “I called you to discuss it, but you permitted me to do anything and hung up the phone without listening to me. So, I sold drugs to everyone in the party.”

Zombies’ growling was becoming louder as they were approaching the lighthouse. The trio stayed quiet while peering through the solid glass windows.

Suddenly, the girl ran out of the lighthouse and grabbed zombies’ attention, shouting while waving her hands. “Hey, slow-motion walkers. I’m here! This way! Hurry up, creepy growling bastards.”

When zombies moved toward her, the girl stepped backward in fear.

The girl stopped when she reached the edge of the mountain. When zombies approached her, she jumped in the chasm and zombies after her.

Ronnie and Harry, shocked, ran out of the lighthouse.

There was a complete silence. There was peace in the Halloween night.

Miserable, Ronnie and Harry sat in the open land near the edge of the mountain, smoking the cigars while looking at the Horizon; through the smoke, they gaped at a bloody hand emerging from the chasm as someone was trying to climb the mountain.


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