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Looking for an author website! What's better than Wix? With, you can create awesome websites to bring your author platform to the next level. Every author has different needs. Wix has a wide range of options to offer. I have been using Wix for the past ten years. I have created so many different looks for my website: with Wix. Now, it's your time to launch an amazing website with the help of Wix as it provides great templates. Not to mention, it's extremely user-friendly.

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Whether you want to be a novelist or screenwriter, Final Draft is a perfect choice for you if you don't like using Microsoft Word to write your stories. I have used Final Draft during my Creative Writing major. I would say I enjoyed using it to write scripts for films and TV shows. Yet, I didn't find it suitable for me to write novels. I enjoy writing my novels in Microsoft Word. However, if you are searching for templates to write novels, you must start your free trial!

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