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General Questions

How many books are in the Horror Stories Series?

There are total five books in Horror Stories Series. And the books in this series can be read in any order since it is an anthology series. Horror Stories: The Revenge Horror Stories 2: The Fear is back Horror Stories 3: Knock of Death Horror Stories 4: Terror at Your Door Horror Stories 5: The Haunting Hours

What's the name of your first book? And what is it about?

The Struggle of a Boy was my first book which is a general fiction story about a boy who struggles to achieve success.

Will you be attending any book signing event?

Actually, my book signing schedule is updated on my website under the "EVENTS" tab.

What kind of books do you write?

I write romance and horror fiction stories. I also write non-fiction pieces about inspirational topics related to social issues. Moreover, under my pen name, JD Shah, I write children's fiction and young adult fiction stories.

How did you come up with the idea of "Voice"?

Okay. Social issues regarding child labor and teenage suicide are already popular. Many articles have been written on these types of social issues by various writers, newspapers, and bloggers. Still, I wanted to write something inspirational regarding community concerns. A few times, while wandering around the city and spending some time in restaurants, I observed some people making fun of other people either because of their different religious beliefs or their native clothing style. Even before this, several times, I had seen in news about teenager suicide and child labor. So, I always wanted to write something inspirational regarding social topics, but I never got a chance unless I took humanity class in the second year of my college in which I wrote some essays regarding cultures and values. Later, I wrote some other essays about concerns related to community. I had never thought about publishing these essays. Anyhow, I found them emotional and inspiring. So, I finally decided to publish these essays in a form of the book.

Website Questions

How to subscribe to your newsletter?

There are two ways to subscribe to Jaydeep Shah's mailing list: 1. Scroll down on a Home page where you will see newsletter form. 2. Visit where you will see newsletter form. Just enter your name and email address to any of this newsletter form, and you will be subscribed to Jaydeep Shah's monthly mailing list.

What's the benefit of subscribing to your newsletter?

1. You will receive two free books. 2. You will receive updates about Jaydeep Shah's upcoming projects as well as offers like holiday sales, freebies, and giveaways.

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