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Kindle Book Giveaway: Boondocks: An Asian Evil Apocalyptic Thriller (Survive the Doom #1)

About the Book:

They believe it is only about defeat and escape.

Little do they know; it is something more than that. It is about the rise of the dead and the world’s destruction.

Lost in the desert of Rajasthan, India, Rahul and Elisa learn the truth about a wicked wizard named Dansh and some enchanters performing resurrection rituals.

Though they try to stop him, Dansh knows black magic and they find him a challenging adversary. Even worse than him, Rahul and Elisa soon discover that the churel named Dali has returned. Soon, the King of the Underworld, an immortal rakshasa named Sekiada, will make his way to the earth with the force of his thousands of fallen angels to conquer the world.

Rahul and Elisa must find a way to stop them and save humanity.

Terror inflames the nation. The country’s best commando, Aarav Singh, and the best local police officer, Arjun Rawat, reach the city’s border near the desert with the force of gifted soldiers to commence battle against evil. They turn the border into a battlefield to prevent the demons from entering the city.

The apocalypse is struggling to reach its highest peak as the Asian evils slowly spread across the nation: churels, rakshasas, pishachas, daayans, shaitans, and many more hair-raising bloodshed lovers.

Rahul must find a way to murder the immortals: the wicked wizard, the king of the Underworld, and the strongest churel of all time, and Elisa must gather her own courage to battle the demons, especially one of the immortals, to prove women are not weak.

Welcome to the world of horror, where the characters play games of deceit and betrayal to achieve their goals, and the demons enjoy slaughtering the humans.

The end is near. Or it’s just the beginning!? Dare to witness the apocalypse, but only if you are comfortable with bloodbath and barbarity.



"An epic apocalyptic thriller steeped in Indian folklore and black magic. Recommended for fantasy fans seeking a truly original, high-concept tale of good versus evil. Fans of Lord of the Rings-style epics will be right at home with Boondocks, and not just because there's a clear demarcation between good and evil, as well as healthy doses of magic, fascinating supernatural creatures and fictional folklore. For Western audiences, everything about the novel will be new - the food, the language, the flavor and culture references both real and invented. That, plus Shah's occasional references to modern-day brands such as Instagram and Dunkin Donuts, create a concept that successfully blends classic and contemporary into something truly fresh." ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Read the first five chapters here.

Read the first ten chapters here.


Release Date: June 9

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