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DELETED SCENE: Boondocks: An Asian Evil Apocalyptic Thriller


The star shape suddenly scattered. Fifty commandos with shotguns shifted to the right in a straight line, and another fifty with AK-57s lined up beside them. Out of another nine hundred commandos, one hundred with M134 machine guns marched forward and stood into a horizontal line, while two hundred commandos with shotguns separated in two vertical lines, and one hundred stood on the left with another one hundred on the right. The first fifty hundred commandos with shotguns shifted to the left of the center and stood in a circle, and after them, the first fifty commandos with AK-57s stood the same way forming a circle. In each circle, two mortars stood high, with their five operators ready to drop the bombs. Behind the circles, ninety commandos with MP 40s stood in two horizontal lines, and after them, in a triangle shape, were one hundred more commandos with AK-57s, with fifty more holding M134s on each side. In addition, there were twenty-five commandos on each side in a square, each also containing one mortar with two operators, and in between the two squares, at the tail of the triangle, was one further mortar with a single operator.

Behind this, forty-five commandos with MP 40s stood ready, keeping their weapons aloft in their hands just like the rest, and further back, one hundred commandos in a crescent shape: fifty with shotguns in the front and, fifty with AK-57s in the back. And finally, finishing off the formation, one hundred commandos with M134s stood ready in a horizontal line.



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