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DELETED SCENE: The Haunting of Black River Forest

Updated: Nov 8, 2022


Mia stopped. Fury on her face.

The Necrophiliac continued having fun as he continued sexually assaulting her, fondling her breast.

Nancy’s eyes turned wet as tears streamed down from her eyes.

“Please leave me,” she sobbed. “Let me go.”

“I’ll free you, babe,” said the Necrophiliac. “I just want to satisfy my needs.”

“This is wrong,” sobbed Nancy. “You can’t do this to a girl against her wish. I’ll report you to the police.”

The psychopath gave a quick laugh. He smelled her hair, tearing her cloth around her breasts. Her pink bra was visible now.

Oliver turned around in shame as he found himself helpless. He was enraged, too, just like Mia, Jany, and Sheila, but he knew if he tried to move forward, Nancy will lose her life.

“Please leave my sister,” sobbed Sheila, sitting on her knees, and folding her hands.

Mia and Jany felt miserable and looked down in shame. However, Mia quivering in uncontrolled fury. If she wanted to kill him and also save Nancy, she had to come up with a solution soon.

The Necrophiliac cut the strip of the bra in the middle. He turned her around and pulled out the bra. The machete now pointed at her breast.

He sucked her breast once. “I actually want to have sex with you, but I know it’s impossible in the presence of your friends. No worries. I’ll have sex with you after killing all of your friends. And also, with your beautiful twin sister. I never encountered any twins before. Today, I will definitely have fun finding if the twins taste the same!”

A grin appeared on his face.



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