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EARLY BLURB REVEAL: Tribulation (Cops Planet #1)

When a couple celebrates their eleventh marriage anniversary at their old mansion far from the city of Naples, Florida, they begin experiencing paranormal events. While trying to find out the truth of what’s happening, they encounter a girl wandering in the mansion.

She is the girl whom the couple never wanted to see again in their life.

Surrounded by their sinful past and the girl’s deathly traps, the couple tries hard to escape the mansion. But they are stuck. There is no way out of the mansion. Every second, they approach their end.

There are many secrets buried in the mansion—about the girl, about the couple, and about their past.

Tribulation is a masterpiece of suspense, a thriller with some mild elements of horror from the imagination of Jaydeep Shah.


Have you ever read a book/series and thought, "Wow! I wish I'd written that one?"

Tribulation/Cops Planet Series is one of those stories for me. It has everything I like: humor, action, mild horror, thrilling twists, great characters, and of course, riveting suspense.


Pre-order your copy today only for $2.99. The price could go up any time after the release date.

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Release Date: June 15

Excerpt Reveal: May 20


AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU


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