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A horror flash fiction for horror readers.



I was stuck in a cabin in the woods. Days went by. Perhaps a month. No food. Survived only on water. There was a creature lurking outside, waiting to hunt down any human it encounters.

Panic attacks were slowly killing me. Finally, I decided to escape.

In the silence of darkness, under the full-moon light, I proceeded with caution toward the highway only one mile away when I didn't find the creature lurking around the cabin. With every step, I was shivering, and one after one, sweat beads were popping out on my face.

Only a few more seconds, I felt someone slapping me hard. I woke up, screaming for help, almost running out of breath.

But then, I realized it was just a nightmare. My roommate was standing in front of me by the bed.

"You were shivering to sweating. Are you all right?" he asked.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. It helped me subdue my feelings. I opened my eyes. Then, I nodded at him, saying, "I'm fine. Thank you!"



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