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Specter Files [AMAZON]

While attacking a monster furiously in a dark evil night, super-commandos reach the Arizona jungles where they find a Specter Files box which has fifteen files of horror cases. After studying all files, they enter the portal of a mysterious horror world from where they continue to visit many different incredible, terrifying, and life-threatening strange worlds to destroy those worlds and their hair-raising creatures, specters, demons... to protect the earth.

The most horrifying concern for our planet is… When super-commandos are busy in destroying the mysterious horror worlds, some evils enter the earth to kill innocent people and to become a ruler of the world. Many vampires and evils that died thousands of years ago awake again through the energy of the dark evil night who also fight with each other to take control of the earth. During this destructive and horrifying period, many innocent people die, and countries collapse. Will super-commandos succeed in destroying terrorizing worlds and their terrifying evils? Or, will they die outside the earth somewhere in horror strange world?

Specter Files is a horror, sci-fi novella about five super-commandos who risk their lives to protect the humanity by solving fifteen horror cases.


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