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What is an evil?

Life is a roller coaster ride.

Ups and downs are fundamental of life.

Many times we get scared about our future, and some errors we made in past.

Many times we get scared people would judge us based on our appearance.

We fear to interact with others on the first day of school, work, and then, on streets as we grow up and even after entering a complete adulthood.


What is an evil?

Evil is a ghost, creature, vampire, paranormal activity... or... is it our fear that scares us every moment and tries to shatter our life, stopping us the way we want to behave, act, speak, and interact?

Find out more in a collection of #horrorstories titled EVILS ARE ON THE HUNT, which includes a short introduction about what I consider as an evil in real life and why.

P.S. the book is available for #preorder on #amazon #kobo and #barnesandnoble

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