EXCERPT: The Fear Is Back (Horror Stories #2)



Lindy went to the garden across from her house yesterday in the night, where she died because of the ghost of a man.

“I told you not to send your daughter to this garden,” said Zora, Lindy’s elder sister.

“I didn’t send her there. She told me that she was going to her friend’s party,” said Reya.

Zora turned her face to the other side in anger and went away from her.

Reya was arrested by police on charges of murdering her daughter.

In the night, Zora went to the garden to meet her boyfriend.

“No, we will get Reya’s property. First, we killed her husband, and today you killed her daughter by pretending to be a ghost. Finally, we sent her to prison, and now we are the owners of this property,” said Zora.

As Tony hugged Zora, he saw Lindy’s red eyes behind a tree. Instantly, Tony moved Zora away from him in horror.

“I saw Lindy behind that tree,” he said, panicked.