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EXCERPT: The Fear Is Back (Horror Stories #2)

Updated: Nov 8, 2022




Lindy went to the garden across from her house yesterday in the night, where she died because of the ghost of a man.

“I told you not to send your daughter to this garden,” said Zora, Lindy’s elder sister.

“I didn’t send her there. She told me that she was going to her friend’s party,” said Reya.

Zora turned her face to the other side in anger and went away from her.

Reya was arrested by police on charges of murdering her daughter.

In the night, Zora went to the garden to meet her boyfriend.

“No, we will get Reya’s property. First, we killed her husband, and today you killed her daughter by pretending to be a ghost. Finally, we sent her to prison, and now we are the owners of this property,” said Zora.

As Tony hugged Zora, he saw Lindy’s red eyes behind a tree. Instantly, Tony moved Zora away from him in horror.

“I saw Lindy behind that tree,” he said, panicked.

“I think you need rest.”

“Believe me, I saw her behind that tree.”

“Okay, okay. We will talk about it later. Get some rest for now.”

Zora went to her room to retrieve a bandage for Tony, as he had cut his finger while cutting some vegetables. When she was taking out the first aid box from her cupboard, she saw Lindy in the garden through her window.

She screamed.

Tony ran toward Zora’s room immediately.

Suddenly, he fell from the stairs when Lindy appeared in front of him.

Lindy walked toward Tony.

Tony backed up in fear of his death.

After a minute, he found himself in the garden, and he looked around him.

“It’s impossible!” said Tony.

Lindy laughed terribly.

“You killed my dad and me. You will have to die now, but before that, you will have to kill

Zora,” said Lindy in a scary voice.

“No, I won’t do that. Zora is my girlfriend. I love her,” replied Tony in a wobbly voice.

“You will have to kill her if you want to live,” yelled Lindy.

“I will kill her,” said Tony in horror.

Tony went to Zora’s room where he saw Zora lying on the floor, as she had fainted.

Tony didn’t wake her up; he strangled her, sobbing. And then, Lindy strangled Tony.

Dark clouds hovered over the police station where Zora was imprisoned, and the lightning snaked through the windy sky.

Lindy appeared in the storm in the air.

“My mom didn’t kill me. My aunt Zora and her boyfriend Tony killed me. I already killed them. You will find their dead bodies in my house. My mom is innocent. Please leave her right now,” said Lindy in a booming voice, staring at a police officer flanked by his juniors.

The police officer removed all the charges from Reya, and Lindy brought her along to her home.

Reya was happy to see her daughter. Her heart was overflowing with joy. She wanted to keep her forever with her, but when she realized it was impossible, tears streamed down from her eyes. Now, for a moment, her senses were confused whether she wanted to be happy for seeing Lindy again and returning home from prison, or if she wanted to live with pain for not taking care of Lindy properly and being a failed mother at protecting her beloved daughter.

Lindy wanted to hug Mom, but she wasn’t able to touch her, as she already had become the ghost. Seeing Momma in pain, she wanted to cry as well, but she knew she had to return in the next few seconds, and if she didn’t assure Mommy, she’d always feel guilty and blame herself for her death.

“You are the best mother,” said Lindy. “I wish I can return again as your daughter.”

Reya looked at Lindy with her wet eyes.

“I love you, Mommy.”

Reya tried to let out her I love you, too, my baby doll, but seemed like her feelings had choked her words in the middle of her throat.

Lindy said adieu one last time to her lovely mother and then disappeared into thin air, saying, “Take care!”

“You, too, my love!” Finally, but barely, Reya let out her words. Then looking at where Lindy was a moment ago, she said, “I love you, too, my dear, my baby doll. I’ll miss you, too.” Reya sighed while sobbing, and then she said, “I wish you get all your happiness!”

Reya continued sobbing for losing her most beautiful, talented, and lovely daughter.



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