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This is a paranormal story I uploaded on my Instagram in May 2020. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! :)



One morning, I woke up in my bed and saw Lia standing at the door.

I knew it was my hallucination; Lia died last year. I rubbed my eyes, and she wasn't there anymore.

I thought the next moment: If she had told me about her another swain, she could have survived.

* * *

Lia, My Querida. I read in the journal I used to write—a record of every moment I had spent with her. As I turned the page, reclining on the couch, my nose abruptly captured a stink.

I looked around and noticed a dead rat in a vacant corner. The rat—immobilized, baited to the glue trap.

I bent to pick up the carcass, and then what happened was dreadful. My brown eyes turned red, fixed on the rat, mouth widened, and sharp fangs in the upper jaw forwarded — just like a vampire — coercing my inner turmoil to drink its blood.

* * *

I had tried my best, but craving for blood was intense.

Satisfied, I looked up. Lia stood beside me, staring at my bloody lips.

After living a beatific life with her for five years, and a year alone in the sorrow of her treachery and demise, I found it now that she's a vampire—her eyes hazel, and fangs sharper than mine.

"If you had stayed there for a long, you would have found the guy stabbed me in the stomach because I wasn't kissing him on the neck, and that he didn't betray me, and I never had another swain," said Lia, locking her eyes with mine as I stood up. "I needed his blood to flourish my strength, to bring back the vampire—the dead vampire buried somewhere inside you."

At the moment, I didn't want to know more. I was just delighted to have her back in my life.

I kept ogling at her, and she—at me. A brief pause of silence. Then we kissed fervently.



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